Published or Featured Papers

  • Jacques Beaumier, Howard Steinholz and Diane Carter
    Airport Magazine Online

    The article describes the South Runway Expansion Project, Voluntary Noise Mitigation Program, Residential Sound Insulation Program, Voluntary Mobile Home Park Acquisition and Sales Assistance and Conveyance and Release program at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida. Diane Carter, Principal at Jones Payne, serves are the projects Program Manager.

  • Margo Fenn talks with Randolph Jones AIA, AICP

    Architecture Boston

  • Michael Payne

    Journal of Light Construction
    Michael Payne, Managing Principal of the Jones Payne Group, discusses noise mitigation programs and the underlying principles of sound insulation. He reviews the various types of window and door systems that prove to be most effective for sound insulation. Examples of soundproofing treatment approaches and details are outlined, including the innovative "quiet room" method.

  • Randolph Jones, AIA
  • The Jones Payne Group

    A survey to identify the types of software applications and technology that U.S. based Community Land Trusts are using in 2012.

  • Randolph Jones, AIA, AICP

    As Baby Boomers transition to retirement many adjustments need to occur in the workplace and community design. Baby Boomers are expected to live in good health for longer than previous generations and will require better living conditions in their “golden years.” Critical issues must be addressed concerning urban design and community living for retirees, and there is no better time to start planning and making change than now.

  • Douglas Foy Talks With Randolph Jones, AIA, AICP

    Architecture Boston

  • John Bunzick, CSI, CCS, CCCA

    The Construction Specifier Magazine