Jones Payne has completed projects for schools, churches, civic buildings, residential, and historic properties.  Jones Payne provides architectural services, design, and construction planning, mitigation, IMS/GIS, and energy efficiency.  With its attention to detail, close involvement with the client, and excellent quality control, the firm manages its projects efficiently and effectively to meet and exceed the project goals.

  • Community Centers
  • Churches
  • Civic Buildings
  • Neighborhood Groups
  • Schools
Architectural and engineering services for the terminal modernization and addition
Monterey Peninsula Airport District
Banks Elementary School acoustical treatment
Baton Rouge Airport Authority
Phoenix Schools and Churches sound mitigation program feasibility study
City of Phoenix, Aviation Department
Residential sound insulation program
Rhode Island Airport Corporation
On-call services for Community Progress
Center for Community Progress
Data analysis for sustainable community development
Center for Resilient Cities
Brownfields Elementary School acoustical treatment
Baton Rouge Airport Authority
Architectural services for the renovation of the Sacred Heart Church
Restoring the Hartwell Building’s historic façade
Town of Southbridge