Information Management Services

The Information Management and Geospatial Services (IMS/GIS) Practice Group’s strong background in GIS, database management, integration and web application development provides innovative solutions and tools to a variety of public, non-profit and private organizations.

Focused on technology innovation, the group delivers relevant and critical information, data, and maps quickly and easily to technical and non-technical staff as well as the public.  Using off-the-shelf systems, open source solutions, and hybrids, the team creates both web-based and desktop applications to support community focused organizations helping them serve their neighborhoods. Clients and partners benefit from a staff of accomplished GIS and web programmers, database and hardware specialists, and seasoned project managers.

The IMS/GIS group relies on the firm’s in-house architects, program managers, and industry experts when designing and building solutions and systems that communicate relevant information quickly, with the least effort expended by users.

Home Profiles™ for organization of data
Baton Rouge Airport Authority
Information Management and GIS Services
Connecticut Airport Authority
Information Management and GIS Services
Rhode Island Airport Corporation
Information Management Services
Broward County Aviation Department
On-call services for Community Progress
Center for Community Progress
Data analysis for sustainable community development
Center for Resilient Cities
Implementing WeaverPRM™ for project and central management
Atlanta Land Trust Collaborative
Phase II housing needs assessment and demographic analysis
Navajo Housing Authority
Organizing and empowering the residents of the Dudley Street Neighborhood
Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative